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Targeting Prep through Year 7 students, Fish Creek 4061’s educational resources support teachers’ delivery of the Australian Curriculum in the subject areas of Geography, Science, History, Technology, English, Mathematics and The Arts.

The featured resources increase students’ awareness, understanding and care for the environment in which they live. The resources also provide means for students to explore and learn about the area’s local history and culture.

As Fish Creek is a constantly evolving website, we invite you to frequently visit this page to discover an ever growing range of resources that compliments and facilitates Australian Curriculum delivery in your classroom.

Year 5 HASS: Geography

How the environment influences people and how people influence the environment.

A complete unit plan with all resources that align with the Australian Curriculum.

During the unit, students ‘keep learning local’ by inquiring about the health of their creek, testing it and then taking action to help. Use this unit plan as an alternative to C2C Year 5 – HASS Unit 1.

Year 5 HASS Geography Unit Plan and Resources


Weeds of Fish Creek

Giant Devil's Fig

Students will identify the weeds and investigate the features of the weeds that make them a threat to Fish Creek and the local area. They will explore possible actions to minimise the damage done by weeds to the creek habitat.

Lesson duration: 20+ minutes