Welcome to Fish Creek 4061, a place for community members, teachers and kids to learn about, learn in and take action for the environment.

  • Explore the website to find information about our local history, society and ecology.
  • Test your local creek to see how healthy it is using the step-by-step guide and resources.
  • Make connections with your local community groups and experts to help you in your care for the environment.
  • Teachers: explore the wide range of exciting environmental resources that support and link to the Australian Curriculum.
Fish Creek 4061: acting locally to impact globally
- The Fish Creek Team

BRAND NEW: Water Quality testing programme

Teachers: Check out the BRAND NEW Year 5 Geography (HASS) unit plan that incorporates water quality testing at your local creek. Use this alternate unit to teach the HASS objectives in a local and meaningful way. A great way to empower your students without adding to your workload!

Community: Follow the step-by-step guide to assess the health of your waterway and decide on the best way to care for your creek.

Creek Testing

How healthy is your creek? Use the step-by-step guide, water quality data, links to experts and sources to help you find out how you can best help your creek. 

Local Ecology

Find out about the local plants, animals, habitats and problem weed species. Learn about the bush tucker found near you and how it was cleverly used by the traditional custodians of The Gap.

For Kids

Check out the fun eco-games to play! Online games and printable activities that focus on learning about our environment.

Teacher Resources

Environmental education resources at your fingertips that link to the Australian Curriculum! Increase your students’ awareness, understanding and care for the environment with these fun, educational plans and activities.

Local History

Interactive 2D&3D timeline! Explore the interactive timeline to see how Australian people, society, culture and the environment have changed since Dreamtime.

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Where is Fish Creek? How can you share your ideas with us? Find out where we are, and how you can tell us about how you’ve used the site or what you are doing in your local area. We’d love to hear from you.

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