Hilder Road State School

Close to D’Aguilar National Park, Hilder Road State School is located in the leafy surrounds of The Gap, Queensland, Australia.

With a philosophy of “Education is Life”, Hilder Road State School has a very community, family focused and socially aware culture. The Parents and Citizens Association works together with the community, staff and executive to facilitate the development, innovation and management of the school’s facilities and environment.


Fish Creek

Starting as a small waterway meandering through the heart of The Gap in Brisbane’s inner-west, Fish Creek connects with other waterways and eventually merges with the Brisbane River, the longest river in South-East Queensland.

Through exploring and sharing knowledge of our local environment, we hope you will enjoy learning about Fish Creek.


This Website

The Fish Creek website has been created through the volunteering efforts of Hilder Road State School parents who passionately believe in supporting the local community and environment in which we live, learn, work and play. Fish Creek is designed to engage and empower children about the environment whilst simultaneously providing a practical means to support the dedicated, hard-working teachers who educate them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support our community to increase its understanding of and care for the environment, implementing positive change for the future.

We Aim:

  • To educate, inform and provide opportunities for students and the community to take ownership of, care for and take action to help their local environment
  • To work collaboratively with and strengthen relationships amongst students, teachers, community members and experts to make a greater change to the health of our local environment
  • To create programmes and resources that promote lifelong changes in taking responsibility for and caring for our environment.  

This website is has been created through the tireless efforts of volunteers from around The Gap community located in South East Queensland with a postcode of 4061.

Website project leaders were Hilder Road State School parents Kirstie Page (content and community liaison), Suzanne Wirges (website design and management), and Ollie Narbey (education writer and faciliator). Sharon Crabbe (creek rehabilitation coordinator) and Tania Metcher (flora/fauna and HRSS project pages) also dedicated many hours making important contributions to the website during all stages of development.

Kirstie Page and Tania Metcher retired from the project in early 2017 and late 2016 respectively.

Whilst these five were the main protagonists for the creation of this website, Fish Creek 4061 is, in essence, a resource created by The Gap community. In light of this, the Fish Creek 4061 team wish to recognise the contributions of a number of individuals and organisations from all around our local community. Whether it has been providing expert advice or feedback, delivering a sometimes-necessary pep talk, or granting our team permission to use the beautiful images featured throughout the site, we are very grateful to one-and-all.

Listed in no particular order are the following individuals and organisations the Fish Creek 4061 team wishes to expressly acknowledge and thank for their support and generosity:

  • Staff from Hilder Road State School
  • Hilder Road State School Parents and Citizens Association
  • Children of Hilder Road State School
  • Uncle Nurdon Serico, Traditional Aboriginal Elder
  • Uncle Joe Kirk, Traditional Aboriginal Elder
  • The Gap Pioneer and History Group
  • Jeff Hilder, The Gap Pioneer and History Group
  • Ann Hilder, The Gap Pioneer and History Group
  • Melinda Serico, Balaangala Community Group
  • Michelle Peile, Balaangala Community Group
  • The Gap Historical Society Inc
  • Richard Speechly, The Gap Historical Society Inc
  • Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN)
  • Rob Whyte, SOWN
  • Mark Crocker, SOWN
  • Sheldon Navie, SOWN
  • Sarah-Jane Abbott, SOWN
  • Nicolas Rakotopare, Ecologist
  • Amy Prowd, Ecologist
  • Mal Cadioli, Eco-restoration specialist
  • Charlotte Thackray, Adviser
  • Caroline Gockel, Adviser
  • David Miles, Attorney
  • Walkabout Creek, The Gap
  • Sally Wirges, Software Developer
  • Scott Oertel, Environmental Scientist
  • Glenys Carlson, Brisbane Bushcare Group
  • Bernie Stockhill, Brisbane Bushcare Group
  • Kate Fink, Brisbane City Council Habitat Officer
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Erris Thomson, Education Resource Editor
  • The partners and families of the Fish Creek 4061 team

Disclaimer and Copyright

Every attempt has been made to ensure the information contained in this website is correct at time of launch.
The information contained within this website is not intended to be an exhaustive coverage of all resources pertaining to Fish Creek. Inclusion or exclusion of information in relation to Fish Creek is not to be construed as endorsement of any particular viewpoint.

The information contained within this website is subject to change or withdrawal without notice at any time.

The owners of this website expressly disclaim any liability to an individual or entity for loss, costs or damages of whatsoever nature arising out of, reliant on, or connected with the contents of this website. All material contained with this website is subject to copyright.